As always, Ariane Mnouchkine is at the entrance door to see the tickets, to show audience members the way in. Half an hour before the show begins, and when we all leave the sunny spring afternoon for a three hours journey to India, or more exactly into the doubts and labours of a playwright and theatre artist. Une chambre en Inde (a bedroom in India) is an auto-portrait of a western person as perplex as most of us in front of the difficult questions of our time. There is no answers to migration floods, talibans, endless violence, power games.

Again and again the play returns to the roots of theatre and performing arts – Mahabharata told in kathakali-scenes (this time a kathakali version called Terukuttu from Tamil Nadu). The force of theatre, fiction and imagination who triumphs over everything, and in fact, best express the pain of the most difficult situations in human lives.

There is time for a brief conversation at the door with Ariane; kindness combined with sharp observations. This is where I became a critic for real and it is a pleasure to return. To myself and to where theatre begins: always a human blend of literature, music, dance, colors and atmosphere.