Ingmar Bergman, theatre and film director, writer, was born 1918. His centennary is celebrated in Sweden by a Ingmar Bergman year packed with different events and topped with the Ingmar Bergman International Theatre Festival at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, the national scene for dramatic theatre, in Stockholm in August.

We are only in the third month of the jubilee year and the number of pods and blogs, special editions already being published are many, on Ingmar Bergman’s books, novels, biographical novels, working books included. To the international world of cinema, Ingmar Bergman is above all known as an innovative film maker from the early Wild Strawberries to the late and rich Fanny and Alexander. To the Swedish theatre audience he is equally a respected stage director, often working with the same actors at stage as in the movies.

Among the more unexpected events a Stockholm museum, The Hallwyl Museum, named after a wealthy family, exposes dresses and costumes from the many Bergman films, Bergman à la Mode, Film costumes for leading ladies. Frequent costume designer Marik Vos (1923-1944) and Mago (Max Goldstein 1926-2008) are exposed in a feast of colours – even for the movies in black and white. The exposition shows Bergman’s focus on the actresses and Bergman’s passion for shades of red to make them shine even more. The photo shows Eva Dahlbeck in Ingmar Bergman’s Smiles of a Summer Night (1955). Photo: Louis Huch/SF.